The error message differs from the version of the Windows operating system. But the code remains the same. In general, we get to witness “Recovery, There was a problem with a device connected to your PC”. Furthermore, you could read “An Unexpected I/O error has occurred, Error code:0xc00000e9

Error Code 0xc00000e9: Cause / Reason

  1. Faulty/damaged hard disk drive (HDD).
  2. Not properly connected HDD
  3. Faulty/corrupted USB or DVD used for Windows installation
  4. Windows updates.
  5. Corrupted or not-properly configured registry files.
  6. Outdated PC drivers.

The above list contains the majorly seen reasons that cause the 0xc00000e9 Unexpected I/) error to trigger. There are several methods and we have listed them below one by one resolving one cause at a time. So, let’s get going.

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