It has been two years post the release of the Windows 8 operating system, which is one of the touch-centric ecosystems developed by Microsoft. Most of the Windows 8 users have upgraded their systems from Windows 7 computers while the others directly purchased the OS. Though the Windows operating system has plenty of impressive features in it, it can run into potential issues at times. According to Windows Live technical support desk, users faced many issues when they upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Fix App Store Errors In Windows 8

Apart from the Windows App store issue, another persistent issue was related to Wi-Fi. Windows 8 was not able to search for Wi-Fi drivers on the laptop as it normally would. On the other hand, the laptop was able to connect to the internet with the help of the Ethernet cable. But then, this issue can be resolved by downloading the drivers from the official website. You need to look for Windows Wi-Fi drivers on the website and download and install them manually on the laptop.

Though most of the other issues including the Wi-Fi issues were easy to resolve, one of the issues that were tough to crack was the issue with the Windows App Store. A couple of people who had issues with the Windows Store apps were very frustrated about the same. Windows users were mocking the OS support when they came up with such issues that forbid them from using the Windows Store properly.

Even then, people did not give up and started to work on such issues. Some of the users tried to log in with their Microsoft accounts rather than the administrator login ones, with which they usually used to browse apps in Windows Store. This seems to do the trick for most of them. After this suggestion, some of the posts that followed said that the issue with the Windows Store was resolved.

Next, they had to make changes to the time setting. To make changes to the date and time, click on the Windows Desktop tile on the Start Screen or press the Windows and D keys together. To the bottom right corner of the screen, choose the Change Date And Time option, this will let you make changes to the time and date. Ensure that you enter the correct values. Click on the Internet tab to make changes to the time zone.

With the help of these tips from the Windows Live technical support desk, you must be able to fix the issue with Windows Store. Else, contact the official Windows tech support desk.

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