One of the things Microsoft is busy with is Server vNext, which they are planning to release next year. Meanwhile, the company is also working on a small-sized server to take out the issues faced by those on cloud-based alternatives, as well as on the standard server version. These products are expected to come with Windows live chat support from the tech giant.

A recent leak by the infamous WZor shows a threadbare deployment version of the new software server, which is currently called Nano Server. This is supposed to be the next big thing in cloud OS and infrastructure. Some of the slides show complaints from users about having to reboot their systems after patches failed to apply rightly when they tried this with rarely used components. Also common are protracted and disruptive reboots.

Nano Server, meanwhile, is meant for cloud infrastructure and supports only “born-in-the-cloud apps”, such as PaaSv2 and ASP.NET What the product is aiming for is a minimal footprint left after operations rendering, while apps and optional features would be housed outside the platform. Nano Server includes Core PowerShell, which the user can access while on the move. This allows the system admins the chance for remote management or automation. There is a lot of PowerShell used in the new product, with PS language compatibility, and support for cmdlets written C#, PowerShell, and CIM.

Since this would be operated without the benefit of a GUI, the remote management will include a slew of local tools, like Task Manager, Registry Editor, Event Viewer, File Explorer, Performance Monitor, etc. There will also bet the option for remote debugging with this option, which is great news for coders.

The smaller size allows for faster startup and deployment, and the lack of a sizable footprint means that this will require less in the way of resources, as opposed to a full server. This is also way more secure since the attack surface is much smaller. Microsoft is saying that there will also be a higher density for container-based apps and micro-services.

Expected to be like other services with Windows live chat support, this server is set to hit release in the form of a limited TAP preview early this year. But the company made it clear that this won’t be included with the Windows Server Preview.

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