Titles Continue Migration From Games For Windows Live To Steamworks

There was a time when Games for Windows Live was a good choice for gaming service, for many publishers. Over time, things have taken a turn, and while the PC branch of their Live service might have been appreciated and even preferred in the past, neither is the case anymore. The company hasn’t done much more than stack Xbox on Windows Live, and that is a far cry from being enough.

Migration From Games For Windows Live To Steamworks

How does ditching Games for Windows Live help non-Microsoft games? Well, for one, there are alternate services like Steamworks. This has a better distribution system and offers much more advanced community interaction capabilities. It does about everything else you can think of, which is why it hasn’t started festering the way G4WL has. There’s no surprise at titles like DiRT 3 abandoning the scene. Everybody’s removing Games for Windows Live support because there’s little sense in keeping this.

The latest Dark Souls is another title that’s leaving, and the mass migrations have already gotten underway. You can take all your saved data and achievements, so no part of all those gaming hours will have been a waste. Bandai Namco says this option will be available till February 16th, and after that Steam will be the default service for playing on. The G4WL integration is actually getting in the way of this, which is why many titles are removing that first.

From Software has announced that the process will allow all users to move they’re saving games from Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. They’re saying there will need to be some more testing done, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If this works right, the user will have a free Steam copy of the game with the G4WL token, and the latter will be valid for the duration of the allowed migration slot. Past that point, you can still get a Steam pass, but you can kiss your G4WL save games goodbye. There have been no details given as yet about how long this migration period will last.

Stay updated on the migration process of Dark Souls to the Steam service, as well as other titles that are looking to make the change. Need Games for Windows Live help, or looking for new stories on gaming titles? Check out the latest posts and find the emerging stories in the gaming scene.

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