We all know that Windows 8 operating system was a big flop. The operating system had many flaws like the absence of a few features, difficulties in accessing some features, etc. that made the operating system failure. So, is the operating system really a big flop? According to experts, it is not as big a failure as a Windows Vista operating system that was released before Windows 7.

According to Windows live support, one of the major points to keep in mind is that the Windows 8 operating system works well only with touch screen devices. However, the majority of the users who had a bitter experience with the operating system were working on traditional PCs, which do not have touch screen capabilities. That means, if you use a mouse and keyboard to input things to the PC, you may not fall in love with this operating system. However, those users who use touch screen devices along with this operating system say that they do not wish to switch back to any of the traditional operating systems.

With the touch screen interface being the major attraction of the operating system, you need to harness it to fully understand and experience the features of the operating system. Many experts are also of this view. There are many supporters of the operating system. Jim Wong, the president of Acer, has a similar opinion. He says, “Personally, I have found the touchscreen to be a welcome addition to personal computers and I’ve often find myself wishing I could touch my MacBook Air’s screen to flip through photo galleries and play iOS-style touchscreen games.” The new OS provides all these functionalities to the users.

Therefore, with all the features of the Windows 8 operating system, it cannot be even compared to the Windows Vista operating system. Keep in mind that Windows Vista is considered as the worst operating system from Microsoft. After the release of Windows 8, many people were comparing Windows 8 to Windows Vista. Now, Microsoft released Windows 7 to rectify the faults with Windows Vista. Similarly, Microsoft has come up with Windows 8.1, with many changes and additions to the program. With the introduction of an updated OS, Microsoft has been successful in addressing some major issues with the program. This includes the ability to boot to any interface the user wants and the addition of the Start button etc.

If you require any help with the Windows 8 operating system, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team.

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